Zoe Morrison

Zoë Morrison

Marketing Coordinator

Zoë is enthusiastic, professional and passionate about her work. She has a love of learning and an inquiring mind. Zoë is creative, a problem solver and is a good communicator.

After graduating with a philosophy degree, Zoë went into a career as an Internal Auditor in the NHS. She spent a decade there, interviewing managers on their systems and processes and looking for ways to help them improve. During this time, she became a Chartered Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors (now lapsed) as well as achieving an MSc in Audit, Management and Consultancy.

When Zoë had children, she decided it was time for a change and wanted to be at home while they were young. To be able to afford to do this, she decided to investigate how to be eco-friendly on a budget. Zoë combined her love of writing with her need to spend less and her passion about the environment and started up a blog called Eco Thrifty Living. Zoë then spent 10 years researching, blogging and speaking on the subject of being eco-friendly on a budget. She has published a book on it too and produced an online course on sustainable ways to wrap gifts. Zoë has been featured widely in the press, both nationally and internationally.

Outside of work, Zoë loves spending time with her family and friends, running in the beautiful area she lives in of Brighton and Hove and drawing abstract doodle art.