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Development Programmes

Development programmes that work

Creating immediate and lasting impact, for the individual and the organisation. 

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This course was the best learning I have attended in my whole career. The impact has been immense. My outlook on life and work have changed for the better.

Civil Service participant

Your situation

Your leaders and managers need a broad range of skills and tools at their disposal to be effective in their roles. Mayvin often sees middle managers, subject specialists and senior leaders lacking critical capabilities and struggling to lead and manage through organisation change and increasingly frequent crises. 

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How we can help...


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Real-world based courses

This is not an 'away day'. 

We work ‘close to the grain of your work’. That means we tailor learning directly to the job you are doing right now not just theory in a textbook. 

Our development programmes centre on the real work of your organisation. 

Your leaders and managers will develop a curriculum that is tailored to their personal development needs in service of their current work-related objectives. 



Working in small groups, leaders and managers support each other, with input from Mayvin’s expert facilitators. Collaboration improves as networks strengthen.


Through this approach, you will see immediate and lasting improvements in the capabilities of your leaders and managers.

The ‘concrete layer’ melts as middle managers feel more empowered and confident to ‘step up’.

Leaders and managers report significant shifts in their practice with immediate applicability and impact in their work, the ripples of which are felt throughout the organisation.

And your executives are liberated with more time and energy to focus on critical strategic opportunities. 

Hundreds of alumni from working across public, private and third sector organisations since 2010, have evidenced profound personal impact and lasting systemic change. 

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the programme has made a tremendous difference to how I work and how I feel about my work. It has given me the knowledge, strength and confidence to grow.

Civil Service Participant

How do we structure our programmes? 

Mayvin’s unique practice-based-learning methodology underpins all our interventions. This comprises a core offering that focuses on learning how to be and how to act, whatever your designated role or level within your organisation, in ways that supports delivery in complex, changing contexts.

Whether your focus is developing leadership, management or subject matter expertise. We nurture critical capabilities on all our programmes through this core offering. These include:

  • The curiosity needed to question data and presenting issues, to go beyond presenting symptoms to the underlying causes of the challenges you are facing
  • Questioning skills that enable healthy challenge, dialogue and better decision-making
  • Relational skills that develop trust, collaboration and communication
  • Greater self-awareness, awareness of others and of group dynamics
  • A shift in mindset from seeing the world as linear and completely controllable, to one that recognises, and is unfazed by, uncertainty and messiness 
  • Processes for gathering data, sense-making and decision-making that enable tangible progress in times of uncertainty and rapid cycles of change
  • A desire to learn that lasts beyond the programme
  • An increased range of support mechanisms and personal habits that nurture wellbeing and resilience


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Building on our core offering

Our core offering can be overlayed with specific professional or specialist skills development creating a focus for the programmes. These subject areas typically include leadership, operational management, line management, change management, internal consulting, Organisation Design, Organisation Development or Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. 

Our bespoke programmes also offer an opportunity for accreditation at Masters Level 7, offering routes to Post Graduate Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma and a full MA.

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