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Rajni Martin

Associate Consultant


Rajni has led and collaborated on a wide range of OD projects for nearly 20 years in the public and private sector. A trained occupational psychologist her work centres on leadership development, team development, coaching and development of organisational cultures.

Rajni believes people deserve to be fulfilled in all areas of their life, including their work and careers. As it is a place where people can find meaning, purpose, identity, and community She is drawn to collaborate with others on projects that focus on developing people and organisations to be more human, with all the complexity and challenges that may bring.

She describes her approach as "inside-out"; meaning it's about what is happening "inside" (internally) and "outside" (externally) the individual, team or organisation that calls for a change, shift, or transition. At the heart of her approach is 'relationship' with oneself and others, and she believes having time, space, and support (individually or collectively) to reflect are just as important as the task or goal to be achieved.

She brings willingness and curiosity to support her clients towards congruence between what is said, felt and done; recognising that achieving congruence can be complex and challenging.

Rajni is both serious and light-hearted and enjoys developing relationships with others. She values transparency, fairness, and collaboration in life and work. She has growing interests in diversity and inclusion and the impact and recovery from experienced organisational trauma on identity and health (individual, team and organisation).

Rajni is an accredited and licensed MBTI, DISC and Insights Discovery Practitioner as well as being a trained mediator, action learning facilitator and coach. She is currently in the process of training to become an Integrative Psychotherapist – possibly one of her most challenging and rewarding experiences!

She is married with two young children. Life is full but when she can, she loves to read, listen to podcasts, cook, bake, and cultivate her yoga practice. She recently discovered she enjoys coastal walks and the freedom to reflect, breathe and be that accompanies her.

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