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Satwant Kaur

Associate Consultant

Satwant is recognised as somebody who has a passion for success and as an innovative, challenging thinker whose personal style enables her to work alongside her clients through the challenging issues they face.

Satwant is a skilled consultant facilitator and executive coach who has worked internationally in the fields of global diversity, and inclusion, organisational development, culture and change, transformational leadership, programmes, for a period of twenty -five years.

She has an extensive experience in the field of OD across the different sectors. Sawant’s OD approach lends itself to working with small group interventions alongside large scale ones.

Satwant is highly regarded as a facilitator and coach to chief executives, boards, senior managers and teams and led on design and programme delivery in South East Asia, EMEA and Africa. Satwant has worked with a range of clients from, corporate INGO and public sectors including Barclays, Munters, Ernst Young, Ticket Masters, Nomura, Home Office, Civil Service, NHS, Oxfam, Save the Children and Action Aid. She worked as a Consultant on an OD global transformational project focusing on South East Asia, Middle East and Southern Africa that resulted in high impact and effective engagement on complex change and culture issues.

Sawant’s pedagogy is transformational one and is underpinned by her diasporic and cultural background predominantly around the intersection of race, ethnicity, gender and class. This trajectory alongside her own lived experience has informed her work as a practitioner with a desire for working with leaders focusing on addressing structural inequalities. Her work is relationship and establishing trust often in relation to sensitive systemic patterns/issues. This creates both autonomy and exploring different perspectives around leadership resulting in high impact and more effective conversations through multiple lens.

Satwant lives in North London and enjoys spending time with her two young nieces.






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