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Mayvin positive culture virtual workspace

Virtual learning approaches for uncertain times

Mayvin has been offering a full range of virtual learning approaches, including programmes in leadership development and organisational development as well as coaching to support our clients as people reset for an uncertain and more virtual future.

Our decade of experience as a virtual working organisation means we have a deep understanding of how to maintain a positive culture in a virtual workspace and create lasting, sustainable change.

“I found the day to be a massive success and I couldn’t think how it could have been better if it was conducted face to face.”

Mayvin_UK Civil Service_Organisation Development Design Capability Building

UK Civil Service: Organisation Development and Design Capability Building

Since 2013, Mayvin has been running a major Organisation Development and Design (OD&D) capability programme across the UK Civil Service. Demand for the programme is high, with delegates representing a wide cross-section of departments, agencies, roles and specialisms.

Alumni report being able to make an immediate difference in their roles by bringing an OD&D mindset and know-how to their work.

“The right balance between theory and practical, useful materials that I can adapt and use again, excellent support from knowledgeable tutors – who challenged me (in such a nice way) to look at situations differently and develop new skills.” – Programme participant

Mayvin NHS Trust case study

Organisation Development Intervention in an NHS Surgery Pathway

Mayvin was brought in to design and deliver an away day to reset troubled relationships at this NHS Trust. Through a series of diagnostic conversations that created a safe space for everyone’s voice to be heard, we discovered that the issues were more complex than first presented and this highly successful clinical pathway was overworked to breaking point.

The Organisation Development work of helping the system was achieved as much through the diagnostic phase as by the away day itself.

By helping to foster open, authentic conversations we enabled people to build trust in each other and an understanding of other people’s perspectives and experiences. This resulted in greater cohesion in the team, improved communication, team-working and collective problem-solving.

Mayvin_Leadership Development_Scottish Government_Case-study

Leadership Development for a non-ministerial Scottish Government department

Mayvin helped a non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government create a culture and leadership style that will enable the organisation to respond to rapid change, embrace digital transformation and move successfully into its future.

“The highest quality programme I’ve been on in my career.”

Mayvin Blue Cross Leadership Development

Blue Cross: Leadership Development and Culture Change

Mayvin designed, developed and delivered a major leadership development programme for the charity’s top 100 leaders

The programme supported the organisation in learning to live its values more fully and made a significant positive difference to the way in which the organisation is led and managed

“Mayvin helped us work through some of the blocks we had to changing our culture to one that is more responsive and engaged” – Rachel Briggs, Director of People and Development

Mayvin_Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Organisational Development OD team Supervising skills and knowledge Developmental team building Shadow consultancy Home ward Leading innovation Skills Purpose

Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: Organisation Development team

Since 2011, Mayvin has provided support and supervision to the Trust’s Organisation Development Team

The team has become more impactful and put into action specific projects to benefit organisational performance

“Mayvin are skilled practitioners and teachers who work hard to understand our needs and help us uncover what will be most beneficial to our organisation, to our team and to us as individuals” – Hendrika Santer-Bream, Change Manager


Our people

Our consultants have years of experience of creating innovative, effective solutions to our clients’ challenges

Mayvin_James Traeger Director

James Traeger


BA (Hons), PG Dip Psych, PhD

James is known for his wisdom, intuition and the depth of his knowledge. His sensitive and pragmatic approach, offering sound advice and thought provoking questions, enables people to master complex situations and find important truths that are out of sight.

Mayvin_ Martin Saville Director

Martin Saville


MA (Oxon), MBA

People trust Martin, they feel better about themselves and the world after spending time with him. The thing that enables this is the strong relationships he develops, with such integrity, care and trust, that last well beyond the confines of any piece of work.

Mayvin Sarah Fraser Director

Sarah Fraser


BA (Hons), MSc

Sarah’s clients value her for her keen insight, her strategic foresight, her wit and her ability to make useful connections, in relationships and thinking. She is inspired by working with individuals and teams to promote culture change and drive innovation.

Carolyn Norgate

Carolyn Norgate

Principal Consultant

BA, MSc, PG Cert Coaching, Chartered FCIPD

Carolyn is passionate about developing the adaptive capacity of people and systems to learn and thrive. She is known for her leadership, relationship-based approach and strategic and creative thinking. Carolyn brings both a mindset and set of methodologies from complexity science to her work.

Tony Nicholls

Tony Nicholls

Principal Consultant

BSc (Hons), MSc

Tony brings a strategic perspective, creating space for clients to understand their contexts and their ways of working in new ways. Clients value his calm, reflective and, on occasion, challenging presence.

Mayvin Rachael Geddes Operations Manager

Rachael Geddes

Operations Manager

PA Executive Plus Diploma

Rachael brings an enthusiastic and friendly approach to the Mayvin team. An organiser by nature, she thrives on helping and supporting the Mayvin team and clients.

Mayvin Pip Rowson Marketing Business Development

Pip Rowson

Marketing Manager

Pip develops and implements Mayvin’s marketing and business development strategies. A creative thinker, her key skills are in content editing and research. She is known for her warm, empathic approach to building new business relationships.

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith

Client Coordinator

Charlotte instantly builds rapport and connection, relates well to others and communicates effectively.


Debbie Hannan

Client Coordinator

Debbie has a methodical and thoughtful approach to her work with Mayvin. A friendly and helpful communicator, Debbie thrives on working as a team to provide integral support to both the Mayvin team and clients.

Hannah Cutts

Hannah Cutts

Support Administrator

BA (Hons)
Hannah is a methodical and client focused administrator, her key strengths lie in communication and her skills in organisation and finance enable her to work effectively as part of the operations team at Mayvin supporting the consultants and clients.

Mayvin Tony Fraser Chair

Tony Fraser

Chair of Mayvin

Tony works to create a climate in which people want to know and apply their strengths. He is particularly interested in developing effective patterns of behaviour needed for outstanding leadership, both individual and collective.


Alison Vickers

Associate Consultant

BA (Hons)

Alison brings a distinctive mix of research, creativity, empathy and challenge to ensure that there is real and meaningful impact.

Anne Painter

Associate Consultant

Anne’s style is client-focused, highly professional, engaging, open, knowledgeable and insightful with the right balance of support and challenge. Her focus is on leadership development, interpersonal effectiveness and high-performance team building.

Mayvin Carol Daniels Associate Consultant

Carol Daniels

Associate Consultant

BSc, DMS, MSc, PhD

Carol specialises in helping senior managers to lead organisational change through developing effective behaviours and relationships.

Caroline Bottrell

Caroline Bottrell

Associate Consultant


Caroline is passionate about helping leaders be the best they can be, in order to deliver for their stakeholders, their organisation, their people and for their own personal growth.

Mayvin_Cathy Korn Associate Consultant

Cathy Korn

Associate Consultant

MA(Oxon), MAC, MBPsS

Cathy’s style is to work supportively but also to be challenging in the relationships with her clients, to offer honest feedback and to challenge the status quo; to facilitate learning beyond the superficial; and to seek ways forward to produce real and lasting change.

MayvinTeam - Chris Williams

Chris Williams

Associate Consultant

Chris has over 20 years of experience in delivering management and leadership development programmes to the public and private sectors. He has a particular interest in diversity and new models of leadership.


Clare Joghee

Associate Consultant

Much of Clare’s work focuses on strengthening relationships and team dynamics in senior teams, whilst addressing strategy development, organisation congruence, and managing lasting and sustainable change.

Dorothee Stoffel

Dorothee Stoffels

Associate Consultant

BA/DipSW, MSc and MA

Dorothee is an experienced Organisation Development Consultant and Executive Coach with many years of experience of supporting individuals, teams and organisations through major change.

Mayvin_Helena Clayton Associate Consultant

Helena Clayton

Associate Consultant


Her approach is rooted in academic depth and rigour which she balances with a deeply practical way of working always seeking to ask ‘so what? and to make learning useful. She balances support with challenge and is known for her compassion and clarity.

Liz Finney

Associate Consultant

MA (Cantab)

Liz is known for her ability with people, her sharp wit, warmth, insight, and academic rigour. She quickly establishes rapport with clients and is effective in encouraging real and productive debate and reflection.

Mayvin Team

Liz Goold

Associate Consultant

Liz is highly experienced with exceptional communication and leadership skills and a strong track record in leading personal and team transformational change programmes.

Mayvin - Paul Mulligan

Paul Mulligan

Associate Consultant

Paul’s coaching style is person-centred. He designs coaching programmes that are tailored to the individual’s needs, working on how we create our experiences through words and language.

Mayvin Pete Hamill Associate Consultant

Pete Hamill

Associate Consultant

MSc, BSc (Hons), CertCoun, Master Somatic Coach (MSC)

Pete is interested in leadership and personal development, including the role conflict plays in organisations and society. He is passionate about supporting leaders to deliver change in organisations, and maximise potential.


Peter Lawrence

Associate Consultant

Peter has a passion for building partnerships with people around a shared purpose. He is able to make the theory of change relevant and meaningful within the operational environment.

Mayvin Team

Philippa Morris

Associate Consultant

MA, MSc, BA (Hons)

Philippa’s experience of senior roles and her training as an organisational change consultant means that her approach is leading edge, empathetic and grounded in the real world of work.

Mayvin Team

Rachel Rann

Associate Consultant

Rachel’s approach involves paying attention to the human dynamics, organisational structures and wider contextual factors that support or impede organisational performance.

Mayvin Richard Hale Associate Consultant

Richard Hale

Associate Consultant

BA (Hons), DMgt, MA

Richard is known for his ability to pose challenging questions to support learning. He is a specialist in action learning based organisation development and the creator of the higher education accredited Action Learning Question methodology.

Mayvin Satu Kreula Associate Consultant

Satu Kreula

Associate Consultant


Satu is attracted to challenges that require bridging a gap and bringing people together across a variety of divides, including ones within themselves. She helps people improve their ability to work productively and lead effectively on a global scale.

Mayvin Seema Arora Associate Consultant

Seema Arora

Associate Consultant


Seema’s strengths lie in her ability to quickly form and develop relationships and becoming a trusted advisor. She is a skilled facilitator who loves helping clients unpick their knotty challenges and find renewed excitement in achieving business objectives.