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Tom Kenward

Associate Consultant

BSc, MSc

Tom enjoys drawing the best from individuals and teams, co-creating approaches to enable learning and results. Participation and empowerment matter to Tom, building strong relationships around clear purpose and task so that people are engaged and fulfilled in useful action.

Working in leadership, consulting and education has given Tom an eye for stripping theory and ideas down to what is practically useful. Working in healthcare, publishing, government, financial services, pharma, engineering, charities and manufacturing, Tom supports people to excel amidst the universal challenges of collaborating in diverse workplaces.

Tom has delivered on a wide range of projects, building leadership and other capabilities to enable organisational improvement. Projects have been in diverse contexts from London NHS hospitals to the Bank of England, to world-leading research and education institutions, automotive, publishing and professional services brands. He has been an employee in public and not for profit sectors, as director, consultant, coach, facilitator, manager, academic tutor, supervisor and course director. Tom has worked in the UK, Singapore and Eastern Europe. He has also established partnerships with practitioners and academics around the world, particularly in north America where he is also published.

Tom has an MSc in People and Organisation Development and extensive training and experience as a coach, facilitator, trainer and consultant, integrating various methods. He is a fully accredited coach, a European Associate of Embodiment International, and the Human Systems Dynamics Institute and one of only two Certifying Examiners of Clear Leadership in the UK. Tom is also accredited in and uses the FIRO-B, MBTI and Harthill LDF psychometrics and has experience with 360 tools and other psychometrics too.


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