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Sue Belgrave

Associate Consultant

BA (Hons), DipFRCD

Creating the environment in which voices can be heard (with the wisdom of hindsight!) is central to Sue’s work. Sue has run more than 100 large group interventions across all business sectors. She specialises in participative ways of working.

Sue Belgrave has worked in health care, community development and television before joining The Body Shop International where she became the uniquely titled General Manager for Company Culture. In that role Sue was responsible for ensuring that the experience of those who worked for the company was aligned with the high profile external image.

Having held internal responsibility for OD, Sue then went on to consult on OD and to set up “Hot Brushes” a business specializing in using the visual arts in organisations. Sue then joined Roffey Park where she became the Director for the Organisational Development Practitioner Programme.

Sue is now launching a new business, finding delight in working in Asia, thinking about compassion in health care, sustainability and getting young people into work.

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