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Carol Daniels

Associate Consultant

BSc, DMS, MSc, PhD

Carol specialises in helping senior managers to lead organisational change through developing effective behaviours and relationships.

Carol is highly experienced in 1:1 and team coaching and the facilitation of senior management groups at critical decision points within strategic planning processes.  Her PhD was awarded for her research into the fostering of trusting relationships for leadership development and personal growth. Carol brings a gender sensitive approach to all of her work recognising both the visibility and vulnerability in Senior leadership roles.


Designing and facilitating hybrid and virtual leadership development programmes for a Swedish Property Development Company and a global Insurance Group

Leadership development of the Executive and Senior Management teams during the organizational transformation of a leading Charity.

Culture change consultancy for a Fintech based in UK and Malta, partnering with the HR team to support significant organizational change: leadership development, performance management, communication and engagement.

Team and individual coach for two management teams at a bank in Luxembourg during a time of significant change in systems and processes.  The focus was on culture change through more effective team working, consistent top-down communication and through sponsoring bottom-up initiatives for an engaged workforce.

Leadership Development coach for a senior management team within an Infrastructure Group during a time of significant cultural change.  A twelve-month project working closely with OD, Communications and Engagement, and LEAN practitioners.

Coached and co-facilitated leadership development with three SMTs in Legal Counsel, IT, and Finance for a Government Department during a time of far-reaching organizational change.  This involved partnering with LEAN change agents to introduce a process for continuous improvement.

An eighteen-month programme to develop collective leadership with a Bank; working with two newly formed executive groups as their team and individual coach through a time of significant business re-engineering.

Engagement Manager for a change programme with an Oil and Gas Company in Holland: a three-month interim contract facilitating cross-working between consultancies, department heads and the project team for effective change. Established and trained change agent network.

Past roles: Senior Consultant: Penna plc & Operations Director: Gordon Yates Plc

Carol’s qualifications include: PhD from Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice, University of Bath; MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies, University of Surrey; Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation, University of Chichester, Diploma of Management Studies, University of West of England BSc Chemistry, University of Bristol.


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