Mayvin Rachael Geddes Operations Manager

Rachael Geddes

Head of Operations

Rachael brings an energy and enthusiasm to the Mayvin team, listening and responding to what others and the business needs.

Rachael is part of the senior leadership team at Mayvin and has embraced the challenges and demands of a growing business playing a key role in building our foundations. With a natural ability to play out different scenarios, plan ahead and move things forward makes her an agile decision maker.

Rachael spent over ten years in the health and fitness industry managing the membership team in a well known busy London club before moving to Cape Town where she managed the office of a leading real estate agency.

Working in customer focused, busy and often demanding environments she has developed strengths in being able to listen to what is needed and develop and implement systems to give support to enable the team and business to succeed.

Rachael is intrigued and passionate about understanding each person’s unique qualities and enjoys developing and energising the team, bringing out their best. A learner at heart she has recently discovered a path of Leadership Embodiment which she is keen to develop and bring into her own leadership practice.

Rachael has a genuine love of the outdoors and nature and can be found at weekends walking and cycling in and around the Southdowns or in her garden actively balancing family life with work.

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