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Mayvin_Rachel Briggs Blue Cross HR Director Clients Good Leadership and Gender

“As a result of working with Mayvin, we were able to launch a new way of thinking for leaders at Blue Cross.

Mayvin helped us work through some of the blocks we had to changing our culture to one that is more responsive and engaged. Many of our people say the work they did through the development programme Mayvin designed with us was the first step in achieving a deeper understanding of the role they play, as both a leader and a change agent.

Two years on, people are still using and living those principles, and we are a very different organisation now. Mayvin gave us the launch pad to put organisational design and culture change on our agenda.”

Rachel Briggs

Director of People and Development

Blue Cross, UK

Mayvin_Jonah Duffin Birkbeck University of London Clients

“I have worked with Mayvin Director James Traeger for just over a year. He is a highly effective, knowledgeable and very personable coach who has helped me to become a better Director and Manager in a large and complex organisation.

He is able to listen, understand and reflect back conversations, issues and problems in an effective and empathetic way.”

Jonah Duffin

Director of External Relations

Birkbeck, University of London

Mayvin_Hendrika Santer-Bream Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Clients

“Since 2011, Mayvin has been supporting and partnering with the Organisational Development Team at Guy’s and St Thomas’ in developing the function.

As a result of this work, we have developed from a fledgling OD function, to a function which is confident about its role and offer to the organisation and which is recognised internally and externally as leading in OD in the NHS.

We cannot recommend Mayvin highly enough. They are skilled practitioners and teachers who work hard to understand our needs and help us uncover what will be most beneficial to our organisation, to our team and to us as individuals.”

Hendrika Santer-Bream

Change Manager

Guy’s and St Thomas’

NHS Foundation Trust

Mayvin_Richard Jolly London Business School Clients

“I have found Martin Saville at Mayvin to be a highly effective agent of change. He combines a strong intellect with an intuitive feeling for organisations – both on the strategic side and on the people side.

He is also a very good person, and I have no hesitation recommending him to an organisation looking for help in developing their capabilities.”

Richard Jolly

Adjunct Professor of Organisational Behaviour

London Business School

Mayvin_Andy Rogers Sodexo Clients

“Mayvin’s work in support of our OD team has galvanised a conversation within our senior HR and OD teams and enabled us to develop a common mindset and approach to Organisation Development.

It has fostered a more self-determining and entrepreneurial culture within the teams in which people take more responsibility for themselves, their careers and their professional practice. It has supported us to manage the complexity we face with more wisdom and ultimately to make better decisions.”

Andy Rogers

OD and Change Director


“I was quite an advocate of the Civil Service Organisation Development HR Fast Stream programme after the first two days. Having completed the final two days I would classify myself as a total convert.

Mayvin does an excellent job of placing the role of the OD department in a complex and political environment and moreover they do a fantastic job of building basic awareness and practice of consultancy skills, which induced quite a few lightbulb moments for attendees (notably HR Business Partners) around contracting, self-reflection, presence, power and building levels of influence.

I think it’s a powerful tool for developing the HR Fast Stream cohort and easily the best learning I’ve experienced since being in the Civil Service.”

James Cullup

People and Transformation Directorate

Home Office

“ I joined your OD overview course and was truly inspired by your delivery and how you chose to facilitate the content.

I really enjoyed the two days and it gave me several pearls to explore…the most interesting being the reflections on how I might use myself as an instrument and with more skill!

Sophie O’Sullivan

Manager, Organisation Effectiveness

John Lewis Partnership

“Thank you for your careful coaching and insight into the world of OD.  With your help I have been able to develop and shape my thinking which will form the basis of our next steps as a team and for me as an OD practitioner.

The way you described the OD “mindset” cements for me that I may have found an area of work that may play to my strengths, something I could add real value to.  It also helped to consolidate the current programme of work here.  I am sure as my confidence grows in the theories that underpin the practice, my skills will develop.

I observed carefully as you skilfully managed the group dynamics.  I admire your facilitation skills and extensive knowledge, experience and understanding of your field of work. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.”

Hazel Murray

Organisational Development Team

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

“I want to thank you for your support throughout the whole programme. Your approach of concept / theory coupled with your O.D. experiences helped make it real for me, and allowed me to grasp and run with it.

The materials you provided on the programme have also been invaluable – normally three months after a training programme the materials/handouts would be tucked up in a drawer/cabinet, never to see the light of day – but not these. I’m constantly using them as reference points, and every time I read them another light bulb goes on.

You’ll be pleased to hear that I have had a number of opportunities to consolidate the OD approach / mind-set, over the last few months which has been effective in getting to the real root of some of the problems in offices.”

Mark Davies

HR Business Partner

Department for Work and Pensions

“Mayvin was engaged to support a new Management Development Programme in two ways.  One was for Mayvin Director Martin Saville to provide 1:1 coaching to a number of the cohort, and the other was to establish and facilitate a Community of Practice to run parallel with the Programme.

Feedback from delegates who chose Martin as their coach was incredibly positive, and I know a number continue to use some of his techniques now.

The Community of Practice, led by Mayvin Director James Traeger, provided a unique opportunity for all facilitators of Action Learning and Coaching interventions, both internal and external to Napp, to share best practice, to support each other in their own learning, as well as to gain a more holistic view of the themes emerging through insights gained as the Programme progressed.  The COP provided a hugely valuable resource, particularly when it came to reviewing the impact of the programme organisationally.
James’ ability to challenge thinking was key to the success of this initiative.

I would thoroughly recommend Mayvin, and have subsequently participated in their ‘Here and Now’ programme, run by James and Martin which is fabulous.”

Kathryn Buck

Napp Pharmaceuticals

“I have been working with Mayvin Director Sarah Fraser for over 3 years and it has always been a wonderful and inspirational experience. Sarah has amazing insight to what can make a difference to individuals, teams and organisations to reach their potential, perform at their best as well as achieve great and lasting impact.

Our projects and learners have greatly benefited from Sarah’s insight as well as from her extensive and impressive background and experience. Her curiosity in finding out the real issues has enabled lasting impactful and innovative learning/change interventions to be implemented.

Sarah has a natural collaborative approach which is a joy to engage with and learn from – she challenges in a supportive and thought provoking way to get the best results for the organisation as well as from yourself.  I look forward to continue learning from and working with Mayvin.”

Julie Ellison

Learning and Development Manager

Plan International

“Mayvin Director Sarah Fraser has worked with London Youth over the last few years to support us in designing and delivering our leadership and management programme for Youth Work managers across London. Many of London Youth’s membership (youth organisations across the capital) struggle to find appropriate and relevant leadership and management development programmes.

We’ve worked with Sarah to use her extensive knowledge and experience to create a bespoke programme of activity to co-deliver to a select cohort of youth work managers from across our network. Sarah’s facilitative and enabling approach to working with our members, has led to her now working with me and my team to coach and support us in the delivery of the programme.

The course draws on a range of management and leadership models, and we apply them usefully and directly to individual participants actual working situations. We then work with participants to co-coach one another and build a genuine peer support network.

This collaborative and empowering approach very much aligns with how we work and support our members at London Youth and we couldn’t be more pleased with the work we’ve developed with Mayvin. There are a range of outcomes from the leadership and management programme, one that is most useful for us is the opportunity to build improved relationships with the members and staff that attend the course.

As a result of the programme we have a chance to understand our members in ways we may not ever have the opportunity to see. This then shapes our ongoing work with members to ensure we continue to be responsive and supporting members in the ways they need.”

Phil Walters

Head of Membership Development

London Youth

“My sincere thanks to Mayvin for the Here and Now Group practice programme.

The opportunity to join, share experiences and learn from a group of this kind has been a terrific opportunity.  Working with group dynamics, at depth, has been challenging at times but through that comes growth.

I know the programme will have benefit for the wider organisation, beyond the immediate team to our work overseas, in the UK and here in Ireland.”

Honor Marr

Head of Learning and Organisation Development

Concern Worldwide