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Virtual learning approaches for uncertain times

Mayvin has been offering a full range of virtual learning approaches, including programmes in leadership development and organisational development as well as coaching to support our clients as people reset for an uncertain and more virtual future. Our decade of experience as a virtual working organisation means we have a deep understanding of how to maintain a positive culture in a virtual workspace and create lasting, sustainable change. “I found the day to be a massive success and I couldn’t think how it could have been better if it was conducted face to face.”

Mayvin is a well-established virtual-working organisation. We have 10 years’ experience of operating virtually while nurturing strong relationships and human connection with colleagues, clients and our community or practitioners.

Most recently, we have been helping leaders, teams and organisations manage uncertainty and anxiety around sudden change due to the Covid-19 pandemic and to find a positive way through this unsettling time. Many of our existing programmes have been successfully redeveloped into a fully virtual form and we have had excellent feedback from programme participants and our clients.

Underpinning our approach to virtual learning is the principle of building deep human connection through facilitating good conversations. Our expert team has many years of experience working with human relationships to create meaningful, sustainable change.

Our experience of delivering programmes virtually means we understand how best to structure and facilitate sessions to ensure high levels of energy and engagement from participants. This understanding is supported by a tried and tested mix of virtual platforms to facilitate good conversations and impactful learning experiences. The tools we use with our clients include Zoom Pro, secure and intuitive participant forums and our own bespoke virtual learning platform, all of which help to create an effective and supportive learning environment.

Feedback from programme participants about virtual learning on Mayvin's accredited Organisation Development & Design Capability Building programmes:

“it was a really, really good learning experience, high quality and absolutely not a problem that it was virtual. This is very encouraging and suggests that you switched to virtual without any hitches and have kept the quality high. Thank you!”

“yesterday was really good, in fact couldn’t get over how well it all worked. Massive credit to all of you and the team’s hard work.”

“I did wonder how it would go with it being done virtually but you made it work really well.”

“I found the day to be a massive success and I couldn’t think how it could have been better if it was conducted face to face.”

Mayvin Team

Shelly Hossain

Associate Consultant

Carolyn Norgate

Principal Consultant

Tony Nicholls

Principal Consultant

Seema Arora

Associate Consultant

James Traeger

Chair and Director of Qualifications

Martin Saville

Chief Executive Officer

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