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Scottish Government

Leadership Development for a non-ministerial Scottish Government department

Mayvin helped a non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government create a culture and leadership style that will enable the organisation to respond to rapid change, embrace digital transformation and move successfully into its future. "The highest quality programme I've been on in my career."

Mayvin was commissioned to design and deliver a year-long leadership development programme (LDP) for a non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government.

The LDP formed part of a wider programme of Organisation Development intended to respond to rapid change as the organisation transforms itself for the digital age. The client recognised that these new ways of working would require new behaviours and ways of thinking. The programme also needed to build practical leadership capability, with a view to succession planning.

We offered a comprehensive, blended programme of leadership development, including group workshops, a development centre, one to one coaching, action learning sets and a bespoke 360 feedback instrument. We designed each module to be underpinned by experiential learning, peer feedback, coaching and reflection, and a self-managed approach to learning.

Each cohort followed a programme of 10 – 11 months, leading to a certificate in leadership practice (equivalent to 20 credits at post-graduate level 7) awarded by the University of Chichester. In addition, Mayvin also provided coaching to the Organisation Development team to support them in developing their strategy, supervising their practice and building skills and capacity.

The impact of the LDP on both cohorts has been substantial, generating changed leadership thinking and behaviour. This has had an observable impact on operational effectiveness at a team and department level. The organisation now has a network of leaders across the business who are using a shared leadership vocabulary and who have the skills and insights to fulfil senior leadership roles in the transformed organisation.

The programme also created significant impact at a personal level, with participants noticing increased self-awareness, confidence and a more sophisticated and flexible toolkit of leadership behaviours.

Mayvin’s work with this organisation has left a legacy beyond the LDP as alumni formed a Community of Practice to continue the positive momentum started by the programme. This has led to conversations among alumni about how to spread the benefit by acting as mentors to emerging leaders within the organisation, passing on the insights they have gained.

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