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Covid-19: online resources for managing change

With Covid-19 presenting a challenging time for all, we’ve brought together a collection of our free blogs and resources to help you and your organisation to work well together virtually, manage anxiety during uncertain times and find a positive way through discontinuous change.

At Mayvin, we are working with our clients to help people to find a positive way through this unsettling time and to ‘keep the wheels turning’ so that everyone is well-placed to get back to normal once the peak of the crisis is over.

Mayvin is a well established remote working organisation and we have 10 years’ experience of operating virtually while nurturing strong relationships and human connection. We offer a full range of virtual learning approaches, including coaching.

And we are always here for a conversation, to hear what’s happening in your world and to support you with the specific challenges you and your organisation are facing. Contact our consultant team for some quick free advice. We’d love to hear from you.

Below, we have collected together our free, helpful, practical advice to help you navigate the current fast-changing, often confusing situation.

How to practise building tolerance for anxiety instead of trying to avoid it

At times of unprecedented complexity, pressure and ambiguity, it is a natural response to put up psychological defences. In this blog, Mayvin Director Martin Saville invites us to get comfortable with anxiety.

Become a digital leader: five top tips for confronting your anxiety about change

Guest blogger Pete Burden invites you to face up to the discomfort of newness and change by taking some simple, powerful steps to become a truly digital leader.

If planning alone won’t cut it, what else can we count on in these uncertain times?

Mayvin Director Martin Saville sets out three key leadership principles for navigating change.

Working out the next sensible steps to take in a confusing world

HR Most Influential Thinkers Dr James Traeger and Dr Rob Warwick share their latest thinking in this podcast series exploring Practice-based Learning – which takes place close to the grain of the work. Listen here.

What does real, in-the-moment leadership and committed teamwork actually look like?

We look outside the traditional workplace to the world of football and the events of summer 2018 for heartwarming, inspiring examples of responding to challenges as they emerge. Read about Real Leadership in this blog from our archives by Mayvin Associate Sue Belgrave.

Need some human connection? The Mayvin Community is now online!

The new Mayvin Community LinkedIn Group is a virtual platform for our network of change practitioners. Whether your practice is in Organisation Development & Design, HR or Learning & Development, you’ll find something for you.

Together we’ll discuss the challenges we are facing in our organisations, celebrate successes and support each other to find a positive way through unsettling, uncertain times. Join the group here and, if you’re already a member, invite any colleagues you know who would be interested in being a part of the Mayvin Community.

Would you like a chat with one of our consultants about our range of virtual learning approaches?

Mayvin is offering a full range of virtual learning approaches, including coaching, to help leaders, teams and organisations manage anxiety around the Covid-19 pandemic and to find a positive way through this unsettling time. Our 10 years of experience operating as a virtual organisation while nurturing strong relationships and human connection means we can expertly support our clients with this approach. Get in touch today for a chat with one of our consultants.