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UK-based Pharmaceuticals

Leadership Development with a UK-based Pharmaceuticals Company

Mayvin designed and delivered an innovative leadership programme with lasting impact. By bringing people from disparate providers together in a community of practice we actively encouraged cross-business working, helped people discover new skills and build confidence in learning and leadership. Participants of the leadership programme became more connected with others, not just in the community of practice but also across the business.


Mayvin was commissioned to design and deliver a leadership development programme that had a lasting impact, even though it was to be delivered by a variety of disparate providers.


We offered an innovative additional solution to the client, suggesting that there was a way that these disparate providers could be brought together in a community of practice, that would:

  • ensure quality and joined up working
  • provide ongoing evaluation data
  • introduce new skills
  • learn about the participants experience by looking at the 'parallel process'. This is the phenomenon that what facilitators and consultants experience in delivering the programme can be a mirror of what participants are experiencing on the programme and in their work


The client thought this was innovative and exciting. They also liked the way we stressed that the 'real relationships that brought us to them' were an important asset in the delivery; this made them think differently. The community of practice ran for a year and was a powerful addition to the programme. Evaluation data proved it had more than paid its way in terms of enhancing the quality of the programme as it was delivered.

Mayvin Team

James Traeger

Chair and Director of Qualifications

Martin Saville

Chief Executive Officer

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