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Blue Cross

Blue Cross: Leadership Development and Culture Change

Mayvin designed, developed and delivered a major leadership development programme for the charity's top 100 leaders The programme supported the organisation in learning to live its values more fully and made a significant positive difference to the way in which the organisation is led and managed "Mayvin helped us work through some of the blocks we had to changing our culture to one that is more responsive and engaged" - Rachel Briggs, Director of People and Development


Mayvin was approached to create a culture change programme, as part of a wider transformation project, to enable this long established organisation to deliver on a more ambitious strategy.

There was a need to modernise the culture in a holistic way without losing sight of the important family values that were very much key to the philosophy of the charity.


Our approach was to run an organisation-wide values development process using story telling. This focused in on what Blue Cross is at its best; uncovering the ingredients needed in order to consistently achieve this.

We created an integrated and comprehensive leadership development programme, endorsed by the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM).

At the heart of the programme was self-managed action learning that supported and challenged participants to 'live the values in practise and not laminate them’.


Alongside this leadership development programme we worked separately with the charity’s Executive Team, and the governing Trustees, on their own leadership and team development.

Our work supported a rebranding of the business; the brand values were parallel with the internal culture values and this was a really innovative step.

The programme made a significant positive difference to the way in which Blue Cross is led and managed.

Mayvin Team

Peter Hamill

Associate Consultant

James Traeger

Chair and Director of Qualifications

Martin Saville

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Fraser


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