Case Studies

Real change: leaving you stronger

Organisation Design work with the Pensions Regulator

The Pensions Regulator protects the UK’s workplace pensions. They make sure employers, trustees, pension specialists and business advisers can fulfil their duties to scheme members.

Mayvin was asked to support the Policy Team in a piece of Organisation Design that would clarify their mission and allow them to better communicate to the rest of the organisation what they do and value they bring.

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Mayvin positive culture virtual workspace

Virtual learning approaches for uncertain times

Mayvin has been offering a full range of virtual learning approaches, including programmes in leadership development and organisational development as well as coaching to support our clients as people reset for an uncertain and more virtual future.

Our decade of experience as a virtual working organisation means we have a deep understanding of how to maintain a positive culture in a virtual workspace and create lasting, sustainable change.

“I found the day to be a massive success and I couldn’t think how it could have been better if it was conducted face to face.”

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Mayvin_UK Civil Service_Organisation Development Design Capability Building

UK Civil Service: Organisation Development and Design Capability Building

Since 2013, Mayvin has been running a major Organisation Development and Design (OD&D) capability programme across the UK Civil Service. Demand for the programme is high, with delegates representing a wide cross-section of departments, agencies, roles and specialisms.

Alumni report being able to make an immediate difference in their roles by bringing an OD&D mindset and know-how to their work.

“The right balance between theory and practical, useful materials that I can adapt and use again, excellent support from knowledgeable tutors – who challenged me (in such a nice way) to look at situations differently and develop new skills.” – Programme participant

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Close Brothers: Executive Leadership Team Development

Mayvin designed and delivered a series of workshops for Close Brothers Motor Finance C-suite leaders to help them develop their working practices and prepare to be challenged in a crisis (which soon arrived in the form of the significant transformation and the global covid-19 pandemic).

One of the programme’s design principles was to hold the sessions lightly which HR Business Partner Mandy Smith credits as being ‘so useful, in terms of leaving space for organic conversations… the team appreciated the depth of conversation it led to.’

Rebecca McNeil CEO said: ‘The business benefited from a more open and trusting Executive Committee, and from my perspective it drove the team development forward at a faster pace, but also to a far deeper level and created a more lasting connection.’

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Mayvin NHS Trust case study

Organisation Development Intervention in an NHS Surgery Pathway

Mayvin was brought in to design and deliver an away day to reset troubled relationships at this NHS Trust. Through a series of diagnostic conversations that created a safe space for everyone’s voice to be heard, we discovered that the issues were more complex than first presented and this highly successful clinical pathway was overworked to breaking point.

The Organisation Development work of helping the system was achieved as much through the diagnostic phase as by the away day itself.

By helping to foster open, authentic conversations we enabled people to build trust in each other and an understanding of other people’s perspectives and experiences. This resulted in greater cohesion in the team, improved communication, team-working and collective problem-solving.

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Mayvin_Leadership Development_Scottish Government_Case-study

Leadership Development for a non-ministerial Scottish Government department

Mayvin helped a non-ministerial department of the Scottish Government create a culture and leadership style that will enable the organisation to respond to rapid change, embrace digital transformation and move successfully into its future.

“The highest quality programme I’ve been on in my career.”

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Mayvin Blue Cross Leadership Development

Blue Cross: Leadership Development and Culture Change

Mayvin designed, developed and delivered a major leadership development programme for the charity’s top 100 leaders

The programme supported the organisation in learning to live its values more fully and made a significant positive difference to the way in which the organisation is led and managed

“Mayvin helped us work through some of the blocks we had to changing our culture to one that is more responsive and engaged” – Rachel Briggs, Director of People and Development

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Mayvin_Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Organisational Development OD team Supervising skills and knowledge Developmental team building Shadow consultancy Home ward Leading innovation Skills Purpose

Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Foundation Trust: Organisation Development team

Since 2011, Mayvin has provided support and supervision to the Trust’s Organisation Development Team

The team has become more impactful and put into action specific projects to benefit organisational performance

“Mayvin are skilled practitioners and teachers who work hard to understand our needs and help us uncover what will be most beneficial to our organisation, to our team and to us as individuals” – Hendrika Santer-Bream, Change Manager

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Mayvin_ International Marketing and Analytics Company Case Study Executive Leadership Team ELT Action Research Programme Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership with an international marketing and analytics company

Our Action Research programme helped this organisation challenge the status quo around gender equality. We engaged women with leadership potential in an action-led process of personal development, raising their profile and presenting the Executive Team with insights and data on the barriers and solutions to women progressing to the top.

The programme resulted in visible changes in the way people work and the company is continuing to create even more opportunities for everyone to take on senior roles and show leadership skills. Talented female leaders across the business are creating the culture change they want to see

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Mayvin_UK Pharmaceuticals Company Case Study Leadership Development Programme

Leadership Development with a UK-based Pharmaceuticals Company

Mayvin designed and delivered an innovative leadership programme with lasting impact. By bringing people from disparate providers together in a community of practice we actively encouraged cross-business working, helped people discover new skills and build confidence in learning and leadership.

Participants of the leadership programme became more connected with others, not just in the community of practice but also across the business.

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