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Mayvin Research Hub: The Future of Organisations

How can you prepare for an unknowable future?
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The pace of change and complexity makes it hard to plan and see ahead, yet we still need to confront  the possibilities and imagine what could be. What are the futures of organisations and organising that we need to be considering?

Come along to this event and be part of the conversation.

Mayvin has established a research hub to support and facilitate a collective inquiry into the future of organisations. We have been speaking to a range of experts, and collating data to bring you trends, challenging perspectives and critical inquiry questions, for all of us, in considering how ways of working and organising are rapidly changing and will continue to do so. There are three current focus areas for our inquiry (see below). We want to bring you into 'the hub', so that:

  • you can let us know what you are experiencing, what's figural for you and your organisation.
  • we can share our findings and insights with you.
  • we can give you a 'heads-up' on upcoming trends.


What is the Mayvin Research Hub?

Mayvin’s new Research Hub is looking into the future, to inquire into how the way we work now; and the advances and trends around us, may start to shape the future of organising and organisations.  


We'll be working closely with our clients and our community in order to develop our collective intelligence around the complex and confronting questions organisations are facing today as we look to tomorrow.


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The Key areas of focus

Organisations are facing unprecedented challenge in the face of accelerating change. Key factors include:


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Ethical Futures


The implications of climate change and the need for all organisations to consider their contribution to, and responsibility for ensuring sustainable futures is critical at every level, be it societal, organisational as well as individual. This area of focus is both looking to address the long-term challenge of designing for inclusion as well as more broadly considering the way we develop organisations responsibly to respond to the macro trends in our environment.





Changing social contract with work

Multi-generation teams have very different expectations and social contracts with the world of work and the role it plays in their lives and identities. Organisations face both the challenge and opportunity of adapting to meet these needs and expectations, building a culture and operating system that can nurture skills for the future in every generation.




Technology and data transformation

The era of generative AI is upon us and organisations need to consider not only the systems, security and skills to ensure these tools enhance 'human' capability, but also to consider the implications on our ways of organising in an AI driven world. If AI can fulfill it's promise of simplifying but not dehumanizing work, organisations need to be considering the competencies and culture that will ensure people can adapt and maximise the value of the human qualities of creativity, emotional intelligence and artful ways of knowing.





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