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What makes Mayvin different?

Carolyn Norgate and Sophie Tidman reflect on how we do what we do and what makes Mayvin different in this short animation.
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Carolyn Norgate and Sophie Tidman reflect on how we do what we do and what makes Mayvin different in this short animation.

Transcript for what makes Mayvin different?

Sophie Tidman 0:11
So what Mayvin does is leadership and organisation development, but the how we do it is quite different. I feel it in the quality work we do and in the way we approach people, clients, organisations. We place relationships at the heart of everything we do. That really resonated me, that was all relationships is the things that actually drove change at the end of the day, it's really refreshing to come to a place where that's deeply acknowledged. And embedded in the in who Mayvin are not just what we say.

Carolyn Norgate 0:48
I think that means we get close to the grain of your work, we really want to understand what's going on for you. We're facilitating a conversation around some of the messy stuff, not just the stuff that's on the surface, but what else is going on.

Sophie Tidman 1:03
And not not judging. It's quite a gentle place. We're not attached to any way things should be we we meet clients, we meet you where you're at, not seeing you as a problem to solve carving out that space, where you can have the honest conversations and the challenge and still feel safe.

Carolyn Norgate 1:27
They're full of people, we have beating hearts and curious brains. And a work in progress. We're a works in progress. We often talk about being in beta mode, there's that real sense of we need to get from where we are now to there as if they're fixed states. Often with what we're dealing with is complexity not following a recipe.

Sophie Tidman 1:48
So going towards the trouble can be really, give energy give life to an organisation and move it into a whole new array of possibilities.

Carolyn Norgate 1:57
Yeah. So really have a good look at the mess, not sweep it under the carpet.

Sophie Tidman 2:03
Say Yes to the mess. Yeah

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