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Managing Change in Organizations

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Managing Change in Organizations provides practical tips and examples on how to manage the people side of change.
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Our Principal Consultant Tony Nicholls has written a book - Managing Change in Organizations. For more information or to order a copy head here

Reviews of the book

"Tony presents compelling arguments for the need to re-assess the value of management as opposed to leadership and provides a practical guide to modern practices that will be useful to managers at all levels in organisations."

Kevin Hogarth, Chief People Officer, KPMG UK

"This book is urgently needed. Supremely grounded and practical as well as thoughtful and informed, this is a manual for the wise manager with their feet on the ground."

James Traeger, Professor of Management and Organisational Learning at Hult Ashridge Executive Education

"Easy to read and understand, this book is an enjoyable journey, building through each chapter. Using stories and personal reflections. It is ideal for all managers, whatever their level in the business."

Mandy Smith, HR Business Partner, Close Brothers Motor Finance

About the book

You don't have to be a change manager to be managing change. Written for managers, HR and OD professionals, this practical guide tells you everything you need to know to support effective business transformation.  

Managing Change in Organizations provides practical tips and examples on how to manage the people side of change as well as advice on how to engage staff and support them during times of business flux and uncertainty.  There is also expert advice on how to ensure that all change activity in the company is aligned with the overall business goals whether this affects people, practices or processes. 

There is also expert guidance for HR, OD and management professionals on how to manage staff expectations, communicate change effectively and prioritize wellbeing during times of change. It includes practical tools which explain how to develop everyday activities to support the workforce through noticing, checking-in and navigating. Informed by the author's experience with both public and private sector organizations. this book is crucial reading for all HR and OD professionals as well as line managers needing to manage change in their organizations. 

Tony has also recorded a couple of podcasts related to the book. Listen here: A interview with Tony Nicholls on his book Managing Change in Organizations and here: The future of organisations podcast

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