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Case studies

Real change: leaving you stronger

UK Civil Service

UK Civil Service

Mayvin is running a major Organisation Development (OD) capability programme across the UK Civil Service for HR Business Partners and Directors, as well as for other high potential HR professionals

People are now making a bigger difference by bringing an OD mindset and OD know-how to their work

“You provided a challenging and supportive learning environment in which you consistently helped me translate the theory into practice” – Programme Participant

animal charity

Blue Cross

Mayvin designed, developed and delivered a major leadership development programme for the charity’s top 100 leaders

The programme supported the organisation in learning to live its values more fully and made a significant positive difference to the way in which the organisation is led and managed

“Mayvin helped us work through some of the blocks we had to changing our culture to one that is more responsive and engaged” – Rachel Briggs, Director of People and Development


Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Since 2011, Mayvin has provided support and supervision to the Trust’s Organisation Development Team

The team has become more impactful and put into action specific projects to benefit organisational performance

“Mayvin are skilled practitioners and teachers who work hard to understand our needs and help us uncover what will be most beneficial to our organisation, to our team and to us as individuals” – Hendrika Santer-Bream, Change Manager


An international marketing and analytics company

Our Action Research programme helped this organisation challenge the status quo around gender equality. We engaged women with leadership potential in an action-led process of personal development, raising their profile and presenting the Executive Team with insights and data on the barriers and solutions to women progressing to the top.

The programme resulted in visible changes in the way people work and the company is continuing to create even more opportunities for everyone to take on senior roles and show leadership skills. Talented female leaders across the business are creating the culture change they want to see


A UK-based Pharmaceuticals Company

Mayvin designed and delivered an innovative leadership programme with lasting impact. By bringing people from disparate providers together in a community of practice we actively encouraged cross-business working, helped people discover new skills and build confidence in learning and leadership.

Participants of the leadership programme became more connected with others, not just in the community of practice but also across the business.


Our people

Our consultants have years of experience of creating innovative, effective solutions to our clients’ challenges


James Traeger


BA (Hons), PG Dip Psych, PhD

James is known for his wisdom, intuition and the depth of his knowledge. His sensitive and pragmatic approach, offering sound advice and thought provoking questions, enables people to master complex situations and find important truths that are out of sight


MA (Oxon), MBA

People trust Martin, they feel better about themselves and the world after spending time with him. The thing that enables this is the strong relationships he develops, with such integrity, care and trust, that last well beyond the confines of any piece of work


Sarah Fraser


BA (Hons), MSc

Sarah’s clients value her for her keen insight, her strategic foresight, her wit and her ability to make useful connections, in relationships and thinking. She is inspired by working with individuals and teams to promote culture change and drive innovation


Pip Rowson

Operations Manager

BA (Hons)

Pip is known for her calm, practical approach. Through her marketing and communications work with Mayvin she enjoys championing healthy organisations and is inspired by honest, meaningful human connection


Rachael Gasco

Client Support

PA Executive Plus Diploma

Rachael brings an enthusiastic and friendly approach to the Mayvin team. An organiser by nature she thrives on helping and supporting the Mayvin team and clients.


Tony Fraser

Chair of Mayvin

Tony works to create a climate in which people want to know and apply their strengths. He is particularly interested in developing effective patterns of behaviour needed for outstanding leadership, both individual and collective


Linda Holbeche

Advisory Board Member


An acknowledged thought leader, Linda’s areas of interest and practice include strategy, leadership and sustainable high performance, organisation development and design, HR development and aligning HR with business strategy


Andrew Manterfield

Associate Consultant

Andrew has an innate belief in people and their desire and ability to achieve more. With an inspiring style and an ability to communicate simply, both one to one and to an audience, Andrew uses his experience to help people and organisations flourish


Anne Painter

Associate Consultant

Anne’s style is client-focused, highly professional, engaging, open, knowledgeable and insightful with the right balance of support and challenge. Her focus is on leadership development, interpersonal effectiveness and high performance team building


Cathy Korn

Associate Consultant

MA(Oxon), MAC, MBPsS

Cathy’s style is to work supportively but also to be challenging in the relationships with her clients, to offer honest feedback and to challenge the status quo; to facilitate learning beyond the superficial; and to seek ways forward to produce real and lasting change


Dan Burningham

Associate Consultant

MA (Oxon) MBA BACP Cert Coaching

Dan is passionate about the need to develop leadership and cultural change to support more open organisations and integrative healthcare. Much of his work focuses on the interfaces between organisations along health pathways


David Rosenbauer

Associate Consultant

David’s capacity to listen and pick up on what is not said – but nonetheless present – allows his clients to have breakthroughs in dealing with challenges in how they communicate and approach situations


Helena Clayton

Associate Consultant


Helena’s approach is rooted in academic depth and rigour which she balances with a deeply practical way of working always seeking to ask ‘so what?’ and to make learning useful. She balances support with challenge and is known for her compassion and her clarity


Patricia Van Overstraeten

Associate Consultant


Patricia is able to really understand a client’s challenges and needs and to open-up to reflect clients’ own behaviour and patterns: what can remain how it is and what needs to be changed? Patricia helps people to find a way forward, plan together and create change


Pete Hamill

Associate Consultant

MSc, BSc (Hons), CertCoun, Master Somatic Coach (MSC)

Pete is interested in leadership and personal development, including the role conflict plays in organisations and society. He is passionate about supporting leaders to deliver change in organisations, and maximise potential


Pia Struck

Associate Consultant

Pia is focused on developing and leading Change Projects, supporting groups and people in their development process and developing company strategies. She believes that this works best through a combination of strategy, structure and culture change


Richard Hale

Associate Consultant

BA (Hons), MA, DMgt

Richard Hale is the creator of the Action Learning Question system. He is widely published and his doctoral research, focused on the dynamics of mentoring relationships led to a literati award


Sharon Brockway

Associate Consultant

BA (Hons), MSc, MBPsS

As a coach and facilitator Sharon is known for quickly establishing rapport and working in an informal yet insightful manner to achieve the best outcomes. She has a warm yet challenging style, creating a trusting environment in which robust feedback can be given


Seema Arora

Associate Consultant


Seema’s strengths lie in her ability to quickly form and develop relationships and becoming a trusted advisor. She is a skilled facilitator who loves helping clients unpick their knotty challenges and find renewed excitement in achieving business objectives


Steve Tarpey

Associate Consultant


In addition to his formal training, it is Steve’s ability to draw upon many years’ experience as a practising manager and leader in a variety of settings that makes his approach so effective. Put simply, one of Steve’s core skills is bringing together diverse groups of people with a wide variety of views and backgrounds and helping them to work together effectively


Sue Belgrave

Associate Consultant

BA (Hons), DipFRCD

Creating the environment in which voices can be heard (with the wisdom of hindsight!) is central to Sue’s work. Sue has run more than 100 large group interventions across all business sectors. She specialises in participative ways of working


Teresa Edmondson

Associate Consultant

M.Ed., LPC

Teresa has a unique ability to help leaders “see” and address unproductive patterns of interaction, and then facilitate their transition to a more effective interpersonal style. Her strengths include keen insight and sensitivity into interpersonal and inter-group dynamics


Val Woodcock

Associate Consultant


Val strongly believes in using inclusive approaches to support organisational change. Much of her work has been on whole organisation, systemic work aimed at increasing business effectiveness.