Kate Firth

Kate Firth

Associate Consultant

BA (Hons) MA, PGDip, PGCert

Kate has a background in theatre, counselling, psychology and voice and applied linguistics, which makes her uniquely placed to work with the complexities of human relationships and communication as expressed through the voice, body, and words.

Kate has more than 25 years’ experience as an executive coach and trainer, specialising in voice interpersonal communication.

Her psychological training makes Kate and ideal thinking partner, providing both support and challenge for senior leaders who seek to reassess their direction and reconnect to their sense of purpose. Her coaching process is holistic, enabling clients to find their own answers from within. She recognises that to fulfil our potential, we need to bring our whole selves (heart, mind, body, spirit) on board. Kate helps clients unlock their own wisdom and dream big. She works with clients who wish to cultivate courage, strategies and skills to put insight into action.

She also works as a personal impact coach to clients who want to feel, sound and appear confident, credible, authoritative and inspiring. She coaches them in practical, precise and transformative techniques to help them develop skills and confidence to communication effectively, and to deliver memorable, inspiring and persuasive messages. Her philosophy is that ‘finding our voice’ means listening to our inner voice and then having the confidence and skill to align with our values, speak from the heart and walk our talk.

Kate recognises that leaders live and work in a wider context, where, more than ever, your contribution as a leader not only influences others in your organisations, it also impacts on the flourishing of all people and planet.

With a BA in Drama and Spanish, Kate’s career started in California where she worked as a Women’s Health Advisor and later as Assistant Manager in a busy San Diego Planned Parenthood clinic. She then took up MA studies in Cognitive and Psycholinguistics while teaching Academic Writing at San Diego State University. Returning to the UK she toured with the Royal National Theatre as an Actress, before training as a Voice Coach at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She has worked in theatre, film, the NHS and the corporate sector and in politics at the highest levels. She has recently returned from Spain where she taught Voice and Speech at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona.