Mayvin Organisation Development Design People Change

Our new brand identity

We’re excited to launch a new brand identity for Mayvin this week. We believe that it is time for a fresh, provocative story in the world of Organisation Development and Leadership, to challenge, stimulate and inspire.

Since the company was founded in 2010, Mayvin has evolved; we’ve grown in size and aspiration and now work globally across the public, private and third sectors. Over the past five years we have helped our clients with some great leaps forward in creating lasting change. Our brand is a reflection of where we are today and a promise to continue helping our clients find new, innovative and effective solutions to their challenges.

We have built our brand around a key insight: that organisations exist in a world that is inherently unpredictable and complex. We understand that the complexity of modern businesses is created by large numbers of human beings coming together, each with their particular needs, agendas, networks, outlooks and priorities. Our team of experts help our clients navigate this environment and take control.

We know that relationships drive results, and we have created an approach designed around the principle of building deep human connections to achieve incredible organisational outcomes. All Mayvin’s work is designed to help people make wiser decisions and deliver real change.

At the centre of our brand identity is our new logo which will unify all our communications. The logo incorporates a new strapline too: People Change. Across our new website and marketing materials we have retained the Mayvin red but complemented it with a new secondary colour palette, modern photographic style and new typography.

The new brand was conceived by Ben Hayman who worked alongside Designer Steve Trimm to help us think through what Mayvin means to us and our clients, now and for the future.

A quote from the Directors:

“We are enjoying being challenged to question our assumptions and look at things differently. Mayvin’s position is built on a distinctive ‘personality’ which generates fresh perspectives and innovative approaches.”

Please take a look at around the rest of our new website and feel free to get in touch; we’d love to hear from you.