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Organisation Development at the speed of Digital: finding the next good question

In this blog, we share insights from our latest event ‘Organisation Development at the speed of Digital’, in partnership with Adapt2Digital.

As Organisation Development practitioners, we are not looking for simplistic answers, we enable people to find the next good question to help them navigate their organisational worlds. At our latest event, we invited the Mayvin Community to ask what Digital means for organisations and the role that OD practitioners need to play.

While technology and the availability of data are changing ever more rapidly, businesses are not learning to change nearly as quickly. Customer and stakeholder frustrations are evidence of this growing gap.

The solutions that most organisations offer are symptomatic of the problem: they ghettoise digital as part of IT. In our view, and that of our partners Adapt2Digital, this is symptomatic of a mindset that needs to shift. In other words, if you create a ‘digital’ department you are missing the point.

Digital is something that everyone is responsible for. It’s not only for pre-defined groups and functional areas to take care of.

With business uptake lagging way behind the growth of data, technology and customer demands, we asked our community: What can OD&D, leadership and change practitioners do to help businesses raise their Digital game? The discussions generated some great next questions:

  • What don’t we know? What don’t we say? What don’t we do? These are questions that all leaders should be asking
  • Every organisation is different, so how and where do we begin the Digital journey?
  • What do we mean by Digital? Is there a better word to describe what it means in organisations’ real worlds?
  • What difference does Digital make? Where will the stimulus come from? Do the real business drivers for Digital come from within the organisation or from audience demand?
  • In the future, there will be only two types of organisation. Will your organisation be an ‘Aggregator’ or a ‘Shape Shifter’?
  • Within the OD Community, how open and honest are we in sharing what we don’t know and what we’re scared of about Digital?
  • Who is setting trends? Are these leading organisations the best employers?
  • What about the ‘bright sparks’ within organisations who can help to bring about Digital change. How can you make it so that when someone lights a Digital flame, there will be enough kindling there that the ideas will catch?
  • Is innovation dangerous?  How do we avoid setting up silos or making Digital innovation elitist? How do we support the rest of the organisation to allow innovation in smaller skunk-work type teams?
  • How far can Digital be emergent in organisations, Vs the need for a roadmap?
  • Can devices that we use personally be used in the same way professionally?
  • How do you get people in organisations to talk? And how can we show leaders that there is a business benefit to listening? Can we measure the benefits?
  • How do we create a safe and open enough space for people to try things and fail?
  • How honest has the OD field been around the Digital future? Does this create anxiety and fear in us?
  • Isn’t it the core task of OD to help individuals and organisations find ways to manage this anxiety?


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