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The Hope Booth: Can the action of sketching increase hope?

Explore the benefits of sketching, using it as a tool to decipher, explore and engage with the idea of emergence
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Is one of the many benefits of sketching that it increases hope?

On Monday 13th March 2023 from 10am-11am BST we hosted an Artful Inquiry:

The Hope Booth:
Can the action of sketching increase hope? 

We invited participants to come along and join our speculative space to think through any unresolved questions or working on a current problem, using sketching as a tool to decipher, explore and engage with the idea of emergence.

| Hosted by James Traeger and Ilga Leimanis |

Feedback from the event

About the host

Ilga Leimanis is an artist, educator and researcher based in London.
Her practice-led pedagogy and creative consultancy has brought her into contact with many diverse groups, both in the UK and internationally.

For over a decade, she has facilitated workshops in sketching and idea generation, developing a functional method for creative practice anyone can use to explore stuckness and problem solving.

You can find out more about Ilga over on her website.

This event has passed!

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