Mayvin Customer-centric OD

Customer-centric OD: putting customers at the heart of what we do

What does it really mean to put customers at the heart of what we do in our Organisation Development work?

We’ll be exploring customer-centric OD at our next Mayvin community event, co-hosted with John Lewis Partnership. We’ll enquire together into some key questions:

  • Are there parallels between what frustrates the partner and what frustrates the customer?
  • How do we get to the real problems rather than skirting around them?
  • Why do we use a different language in OD?
  • What do we mean when we talk about ‘customer centric’?
  • Are we, as OD practitioners, talking the same language as the business?


You can join the online conversation on Twitter by following us @MayvinLtd.

About Mayvin Community Events

The participative spirit of these events is critical to the community building that Mayvin aims to foster. People report that what impresses them most about these events is the interesting people you meet at them.