Mayvin_Action Research

Action research core skills workshop with Mayvin Director James Traeger

Join Mayvin Director James Traeger for an Action Research Skills – Taster & Refresher Day and gain the tools, support and confidence to develop your unique craft of action research.

Whether you already consider yourself an action researcher or are new to the field, this one day practical workshop at Ashridge Executive Education will give you the opportunity to take a fresh look at action research skills and have a go at putting them into practice.

Action research is grounded in the idea that the best way to understand a situation is to participate in it, and thereby create change through your work and research. At this workshop, Mayvin Director James Traeger and fellow Ashridge Faculty member Margaret Gearty will provide guidance and support to help you practise, develop and hone your skills and understanding of an action research approach and how it can be applied to what you are working on and interested in.

In his blog, ‘The Craft and Graft of Action Research‘, James Traeger sets out three key aspects of the approach which form an ongoing cycle that all action researchers find essential in their work: listening, reflecting and acting. “These may seem like simple things” says James “but they have deep implications for the way you learn and develop your research, especially in the doing of them, rather than just talking about them.” The taster and refresher day will create a safe space for you to discover how to apply these principles to your own work and other areas of your life.

Join James and Margaret on Monday 4 December (10am – 5pm) at Ashridge Executive Education, Herts, HP4 1NS. The workshop fee, which includes lunch, is £350 + VAT and there’s an early bird discounted rate (£295 + VAT) if you book before 30 September. To sign up now, complete a booking form, email or phone +44 (0)1442 841120.