Artful Ways: Practice-based learning in Organisational Change

Artful Ways: Practice-based learning in Organisational Change is a new publication from HR Most Influential Thinkers Dr James Traeger, Director of Research at Mayvin and Dr Rob Warwick, Reader in Management and Organisational Learning at the University of Chichester.

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Artful Ways: Practice-based learning in Organisational Change

By: Dr James Traeger & Dr Rob Warwick

Inspired by the form of 18th century political pamphlets, Artful Ways calls for a move away from traditional courses, away days and KPIs to a more artful, practice-led approach to development for organisations that are so under the pressures of time and resources that they don’t have time for learning.

James Traeger and Rob Warwick believe there is a danger that something is being lost in organisations; something about learning, about creativity, about life, humanity and expression. In this Artful Ways publication they invite you to join them in asking:

How can we access the vast untapped resource of potential that we may be overlooking in an attempt to control the future? What would happen if we explored organisational life from a different, more artful paradigm, rather than one that is all too often dominated by rational and scientific assumption?

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“I picked [Artful Ways] up by the front door, as I was walking to my study, leafed through it, started reading and didn’t put it down again until I had finished it. It’s really captivating, nicely written and a bit of a Trojan Mouse I think: my first impression was that it’s not that edgy, but then, when I think about the conversations I have with clients, I realise it really is!”
– Kathleen King, organisational consultant, executive coach and researcher