James Traeger to host lecture on “Practice-based Learning: What difference makes a difference?”

On Wednesday 25th May from 6-7:30pm our Director James Traeger will be hosting an open lecture at the University of Chichester on “Practice-based Learning: What difference makes a difference?”

For more information and to RSVP view the official invitation on Eventbrite.

James was personally asked by the University’s Vice Chancellor Prof Jane Longmore to host this lecture, which given their prestige and ranking as one of the top 30 Universities in the UK (The Guardian University Guide 2021), is quite the honour.

Mayvin has built a strong relationship with the University over the years, most recently we have partnered with them to design our Masters (MA) in People and Organisation Development programme, which commences in April next year.

The session aims to address the gap between theory and practice in a way that illustrates the challenge for those of us involved in accredited executive development and applied/vocational organisational learning.

How, in a fast paced and ever-changing world of processes do we keep the learning relevant to the learner?

James said: “Goethe rejected the separation of Cartesian mind-body dualism at the core of the western science mind in favour of a more entwined, researcher engaged form of knowledge development, which he called ‘delicate empiricism’. In this type of study, the learner learns as much about themselves as they do the object (or process) of study. This was how nature worked, in his view, as he said: ‘the eye owes its existence to the light’. So how can we stay close to the grain of our work in developing our knowledge in practice, whilst keeping in contact with quality, validity and criticality.”

Rather than just talking about these lofty questions, this session will aim to have a go and in the spirit of practice-based learning work at our own ‘juicy edge’ (to quote the late, great artful action-researcher, Chris Seeley), evaluating our own practice together through experience, narrative inquiry and dialogue. And maybe have a bit of fun too with lemons.