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Mudlarking and Organisation Change

What does an ancient practice on the Thames foreshore teach us about how we can inquire into an organisation’s culture?
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Join us on Monday 19th June 2023 from 10am-11am BST for our next Artful Inquiry:

Mudlarking and Organisation Change: 
What does an ancient practice on the Thames foreshore teach us
about how we can inquire into an organisation’s culture?

A truly immersive Artful hosted by dear friend of Mayvin Professor Rob Warwick from Mayvin’s partner institution, the University of Chichester.

We will explore:

  • What is mudlarking (with an immersive film) - the sense of perspective, the sounds and 'tuning in' to one's environment & drawing on Goethe's idea of 'exact sensorial imagination'. 
  • With the finds that we come across, what are the stories that we can tell?
  • Using mudlarking as a metaphor, what about our own organisational mudlarking? We'll draw on 'artifacts' (in the loosest sense); these could be old minutes of meetings, objects on a desk, pictures on a wall - anything, have a go at arranging a few of these on our virtual foreshores.

| Hosted by James Traeger and Professor Rob Warwick |

Click the button below to RSVP and to access the Zoom details. We look forward to seeing you there.


Professor Rob Warwick is Professor of Management and Organisational Learning at the University of Chichester. Rob switched to academia from a career in organisational change and development.
He has a doctorate in healthcare policy, focusing on the interaction between policy and frontline practice. This was gained whilst working as Head of Strategic Change for a large NHS organisation where he worked on a national healthcare initiative.
Rob’s fields of research include organisation development, ethics, action learning, leadership and education; topics that he is always keen to bring back to the classroom and share.

You can find out more about Rob over on his website

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