Mayvin Val Sedounik Associate Consultant

Val Sedounik

Associate Consultant


Val relishes her role as a trusted advisor and thought partner for business leaders, providing strategic leadership in designing and delivering both small- and large-scale change initiatives, either on a local or global basis.

Val specialises in working with organisations that are dealing with transformational and digital innovation challenges by aligning leaders and developing adaptive organisations. Her mission is to co-create and deliver innovative and future-focused solutions that transform leadership, organisations and the workforce.

She has designed and delivered various initiatives such as:

  • Led restructuring and Organisational Design initiatives to link and align business units
  • People Transformation Lead for Global business transformation programmes
  • Led Cultural transformation programmes to foster post-merger integration and leadership alignment
  • Introduced change programmes to enhance customer centric culture and support digital transformation
  • Supported leaders to develop fit for purpose organisational designs and new ways of working
  • Designed framework that enabled senior leaders to establish and manage innovation pipeline
  • Designed and facilitated global experiential “Leading Leaders” Programmes
  • Organised Digital Learning Journeys to enable managers and leaders to approach their digital challenges or systems through the lens of different industries and stakeholders
  • Designed and delivered digital innovation for business leaders

Val started her consulting career with KPMG where she has worked with major clients across the Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Technology, Automotive and Manufacturing industries in the UK, Europe, US, Africa and Asia. She later undertook various interim roles, designing and leading business transformation initiatives with a digital and agile agenda as drivers for change. This led Val to transition to a Director-level role in which her key responsibilities were to reposition and innovate a business, and to develop a digital service line offering, before then returning to business consulting and leadership development.

Val holds a Ph.D. in Behavioural Economics and Sociology, and a post-graduate qualification in Management and Administration from Harvard University. She is certified in Organisational Change (Peter Senge, MIT) and in the practices of Theory U and Design Thinking. She is a qualified in Group Dynamics Trainer and Large Group Facilitator and certified in Gestalt Therapy & Organisational Development (Ed Schein MIT) and has studied applied System Thinking and Agile Methodology.

Val is a Faculty member of the London Business School where she designs and delivers Digital Transformation programmes for Business Leaders. She is also on the Executive Education Faculty of Warwick Manufacturing Group where she designs and delivers an experiential Innovation programme “Value Creation Through Innovation” and is leading Change and Transformation Programmes in the UK and Asia. (Hongkong, Singapore and Malaysia).

Val has published articles about management and leadership and has published an article entitled “Why your organisation needs post-heroic leadership”. Val holds Austrian citizenship, speaks German and English fluently and lives in London.