Mayvin Carolyn Norgate joins

Stuart Wigham

Associate Consultant


Stuart’s personal and professional life philosophy is that every individual holds value and contributes to the world. People enjoy working and spending time with Stuart because of this core belief and Stuart seeks to help and support others in their change journey.

Stuart Wigham believes his own life’s work is helping others to fulfill their potential through good Organisation Design and Development leading to better and more effective organisations.

Stuart’s expertise is undoubtably systemic and holistic Organisation Design, meaning that he approaches his work systematically: sequencing through planned steps to take organisations from beginning to renewal and beyond including drawing together the human and technical elements that make up all companies.

As a Director of the Organisation Design Forum in the USA and the Organisation Design Institute in Europe, Stuart is at the forefront of what is current and emerging in the field leveraging his significant academic and practice background. He is a mentor for people interested in Organisation Design through his work with the European Organisation Design Forum. In addition, Stuart frequently lectures in Organisation Design at universities and in recent years he has lectured at Henley Business School, Aston Business School and Birmingham City University. Stuart has his own teaching material published in New York and Berlin. Over the years, he has been asked to speak at International conferences in the USA, Africa and Europe.

Stuart is one of a handful of people around the world to hold a PhD in Organisation Design. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts and Commerce and is an Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy.

He has worked with a variety of companies over the years following on from his senior management roles within Local Government. From public sector at local and national level through to multinational firms redesigning at a global level, Stuart has experienced transformation of organisations in a number of different ways which have helped hone his own practice and methodology.

Stuart spends his time when he is not working keeping fit, travelling and reading.