Philip Mix

Advisory Board Member

Phil’s consultant development interests are in intervention strategies, group dynamics, and use of self. He is a strong advocate of ongoing supervision for OD practitioners.

Philip Mix works in the areas of global organisation development (OD); cross-cultural leadership and working; group process, dynamics, and development, with boards and executive teams; executive coaching; and OD consultant development and supervision.

He has worked in numerous industry sectors and in more than forty countries in the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and Asia Pacific, including for extended periods. Among his clients are Roche, GSK, Shell, RBS, Standard Chartered, the UK Foreign Office, and the Bank of England. In the late 1980s and early 90s, Phil was a director of Kinsley Lord, the UK’s original change management consultancy, and more recently he was Managing Director of Ashridge Consulting, the world’s only business school-based OD consultancy. In 2006, Phil co-founded the NTL UK OD Certificate Programme, still Europe’s most highly regarded practitioner development programme. He is a Visiting Professor at the Chinese Academy of Governance, China’s largest development institute for Party officials and civil servants.

With clients, Phil uses diagnostic and dialogic approaches, process consultation, and experiential learning. He has often worked in complex, high stakes, emotionally charged situations, where previous interventions did not achieved desired results, and where it was necessary to create safe conditions for experimentation and risk taking for purposes of learning, development, and change.

Phil has two Master in Arts degrees, one in Applied Behavioral Sciences (University of Chicago), and one in Human and Organizational Systems (Fielding Graduate University). He has had the privilege of learning directly from several prominent, pioneering figures in organisation development and related fields, mostly in the US. Phil is a longstanding member of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Sciences, the OD Network, and the International OD Association.

Phil has dual American and British citizenship. Phil and his wife Diane have two adult children.