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Noel E K Tan

Associate Consultant

CPF, MEd (RM), MSc (Strategic Studies), MEdMan

Noel is a process facilitator, dialogue practitioner, leadership coach and workshop curator. His best work is in melding organisational systems with the human spirit by transforming the way leaders inspire cultures of collaboration amidst disruptive change.

Noel E K Tan typically works with senior teams encountering complexity, organisations seeking renewal and fitness with their changing contexts and multi-stakeholder eco-systems desiring greater impact in the world. He takes a participatory and co-creative approach to his intervention design work, modelling both the internal transformation and personal mastery (leveraging Self) needed in order to effect the deep collaboration that complex systems require (leveraging Systems).

Operating across the domains of Strategy, Leadership, and Organisation Development, Noel’s facilitation promotes mindset shifts about context, capability, and capacity; creating stronger focus on trust, coherence, and cohesion.

His client range includes:

  • investment & retail banking (Standard Chartered Bank)
  • oil and gas (BP)
  • healthcare, technology (Fujitsu)
  • non-profit organisations (National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre)
  • higher education (National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University)
  • different ministries and statutory boards in the Singapore Civil Service (Land Transport Authority, Maritime and Port Authority, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Housing and Development Board)


Amongst a spectrum of profound change technologies that Noel uses for transformation work eg Action Inquiry, Appreciative Inquiry, Theory U, and Open Space Technology, he is a certified facilitator of Barry Oshry Power and Systems’ acclaimed “Organisation Workshop” and “When Cultures Meet” workshop and a certified user of Bill Torbert’s Global Leadership Profile.

From 2012, Noel also brought his facilitation into the social innovation domain by promoting effective dialogue between policy-makers and citizens and inter-group dialogue in society, through his social enterprise, Synergise Singapore ( Noel was a lead facilitator in the ‘Our Singapore Conversation’ process from Oct 2012 to July 2013.

Noel is the immediate Past Chair (2016-17) of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Global Board. He is also the past founding president of the IAF Singapore Chapter. Noel has been an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator since 2009, and also holds the Certificate in Public Participation from the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2). His academic qualifications include Master Degrees in Research Methods, Strategic Studies and Educational Management.

Noel is married to Brenda, and father to Ethan, Edna and Ezra, and is an evangelist for cycling and its benefits to individuals, families and society.