We’re recruiting!

Mayvin to recruit a new Principal Consultant

After a 2020 pause we are excited to resume our search for a new Principal Consultant. We’re on the lookout for people who share our values, outlook and approach to helping our clients navigate the complexity of 21st century organisational life. Could you thrive in our dynamic, friendly virtual-based consultancy?

What’s special about working as a consultant with Mayvin?

  • A place to develop your practice
  • Working with an exceptional team that aims to walk its talk
  • A broad range of sectors to work in
  • Working at the heart of organisations, not always at the top, but always where it matters, here and now

What our people say about us

“Mayvin occupies a pretty unique place in the consultancy world. It manages to be rigorous and academic, whilst being grounded and connected to organisational realities. It’s sophisticated in its approach, not dumbing down its ideas for general consumption, and yet not alienating or excluding through that sophistication. That’s pretty remarkable.” 

“I love working with Mayvin because it is a centre of expertise and deep thinking and creates a home for  OD practitioners. Mayvin creates a real community that I feel I belong to and I know I can go to anyone in the network they have nurtured for support or thinking partnership.”

We’re interested in who you are

At Mayvin we know that relationships drive results. We see organisations as organic, open systems in which change emerges through the quality of those relationships. So we approach our own growth with a spirit of inquiry about what is possible. We’re not looking to clone ourselves – in fact we’re hoping your difference will help Mayvin be stronger; we’re as interested in who you are and how you show up as in what you know and what you have done.

Contact us

If you think you could be just what we need then we’d love to hear from you. Contact Rachael Geddes or info@mayvin.co.uk for more information about this opportunity and please share it with anyone brilliant you know who would thrive in our friendly and dynamic consultancy.