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Now published – Organisation Development: A Bold Explorer’s Guide

A new book by Mayvin Director James Traeger and Dr Rob Warwick, Reader in Management and Organisational Learning at the University of Chichester challenges the received building blocks of Organisation Development, putting the curious, reflexive individual at the heart of their own development.

How do we bring our entire creative, artful and reflexive selves to the role of an organisation development practitioner? What are our responsibilities and how do we act ethically in the moment of unfolding events? These questions are explored in Organisation Development: A Bold Explorer’s Guide, newly published by Libri Publishing.

There are many books on Organisational Development, but to the reflective practitioner who is curious about their practice there can be a disconnect between the simplicity of theory and the often messy reality of practice. Organisation Development: A Bold Explorer’s Guide is written for those who are keen to develop their practice from the ground up and who are looking for inspiration to take their own experience seriously.

In exploring everyday interactions, with their fascinating textures and details, important clues for practice and theory can be found. This book offers the opportunity to appreciate how events, in which we are all involved, are connected. It is in the detail, for example the corridor conversation with a senior director, that things can be said that affect the lives of many. Therefore, organisation development never stops or starts. It is a continuing series of interactions in which we have choices. These choices are creative and artful as well as practical and ethical, and the authors show how any of us might weigh these complex balances and move forward.

James Traeger and Rob Warwick have written a series of blogs to accompany the book, which are freely available on the Mayvin website.

You can order your copy of the book direct from the publisher or on Amazon.