Introducing our Podcast

Exciting announcement – we officially have a podcast! And what better way to enter the podcast world, than with a three-part series hosted by Director Sarah Fraser exploring how we can mindfully move towards new patterns of working.

We have been facilitating an inquiry into this topic with the Mayvin community over the last few months, and as we adapt towards a post-pandemic world, organisations and individuals are attempting to make sense of the emerging context, and take decisions on how to design their future working practices.  

To dive even deeper into this inquiry, we have had conversations with three colleagues from the Mayvin community to find out more about what is happening in their world’s right now. Each episode features a different colleague, on episode one we have Liz Maddocks-Brown, a Senior programme Manager for the NHS who offers us a fascinating insight into working within the NHS during Covid. 

To listen to Liz’ episode, click here: https://buff.ly/3jD0sEr

UPCOMING MINDFULLY EVENTS: Our next virtual group inquiry is on Friday 17th September from 12pm-1:30pm, if you’d like to attend please get in touch to confirm mail@mayvin.co.uk