mayvin artful knowing

Mayvin’s Artful Knowing Webinars

Since last year, Mayvin has been running monthly Artful Knowing webinars to help connect our community with each other and learn about developing our practice at work and beyond through creativity.

From textiles to drawing, our Monday artful knowing webinars are a great inspiration for the start of the week. Here are the dates of our future webinars and what they will have in store:

  • 26th October: Fateme Banishoeib – Art as a learning practice
  • 16th November: Christopher Goscomb- Artful Ways: how do you get there and then where do you go?
  • 14th December: James Traeger & Rob Warwick – Christmas Bake Off
  • 18th January: Emma Taylor – Imagination in Action
  • 22nd February: Julian Burton – Ethical Dilemmas
  • 22nd March: TBC

Please note that all take place on Monday from 10 -11 am.

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