Mayvin consultant

Mayvin consultant team: we’re growing!

We’re recruiting for a new Mayvin consultant

2016 was an exciting and very busy year for us at Mayvin. As we look forward to 2017 we have decided to expand our horizons and grow our team of practitioners. We’re on the lookout for someone with a track record in Organisation Development and Design, someone who shares our values and approach to helping our clients navigate the challenges of 21st century organisational life. We are deliberately trying to change the way we do things by bringing someone in as a Mayvin consultant who shares our values but has a fresh perspective and approach to their practice.

At Mayvin we know that relationships drive results. We see organisations as organic, open systems in which change emerges through the quality of those relationships. So we approach our own growth with a spirit of curiosity about what is possible. We’re not looking to clone ourselves – in fact we’re hoping your difference will make Mayvin stronger; we’re as interested in who you are and how you show up as in what you know and what you have done.

If you think you could be just what we need and would like to join the team of Mayvin Consultants, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us for more information about this opportunity and please share it with anyone brilliant you know who would thrive in our friendly and dynamic consultancy.