This programme offers a fresh approach to Organisation Change, accessible in a completely flexible way. Acquire practical expertise, tools and wisdom from experienced faculty, through a combination of virtual and residential tuition, and use it immediately in the real-world. You will learn through a combination of:

Immersive Residentials

A retreat enabling you to advance

Join faculty and your Masters cohort at Missenden Abbey in Buckinghamshire, England. This 12th Centuary abbey with vaulted ceilings, dramatic landscape and sumptuous cuisine it makes for a perfect learning environment. Review everything you’ve learned and practice it in a safe space, guided by your expert faculty. Feel immersed in learning that’s strengthened through collaboration, and build powerful network relationships with like-minded peers.



Cohort Community Days

Collaboration, cooperation and connections

Experience cooperatively designed teaching and learning that strengthens relationships and connections across your cohort. Come together to build on your understanding, discuss challenges with faculty, and explore the wise resources of the Mayvin community that you’re a part of.


Practice-based Action Learning Sets (PALS)

A safe space to be brave

We learn by doing, and in the safe, supportive and challenging space of the small group Practice-based action learning set (PALS), you can reflect with others, push yourself and deepen your learning. Then, when it comes to making change happen in the real-world, you can apply yourself to the best effect.



Tune-in and deepen insight

Available live and recorded to fit around your schedule, the Masters (MA) in People and Organisations is delivered in-part through a suite of in-depth webinars. Evolve your Critical Thinking, Critical Writing and Artful Skills, all of which will form the foundation of your fresh approach to issues in Organisation Development and Change.



Develop a key leadership skill

Learn how to be at the centre of your own learning. Define your own research questions, determine your approach, achieve your own goals and assess your own performance. As part of a supportive community of faculty, peers and your Masters cohort, you will be driving your own growth and managing your own development journey.


Practice-based Project

Acquire real-world experience

Deliver a real piece of change work in a different organisation or team to the one in which you are normally based. Formulate a Practice-based Learning Question, reflect on your own learning, and develop your consultancy, facilitation, and leadership and management skills, as well as your overarching understanding of contemporary, personal and organisational change.


Guest Contributor – NTL

The world-leading NTL Institute’s Human Interaction Laboratory T-Group

One of the founding institutions of Organisation Development Practice.


Course Details

The three-year, part-time course blends immersive residentials with online learning delivered by world-leading faculty, in partnership with the University of Chichester.


Post-Graduate Certificate


Module 1
Core Practice in People and Organisation. This module introduces you to the field of People and Organisation Development, in both a practical and scholarly way.

Module 2
Personal and Organisation Development Consultancy. This Group Project-based module helps you deliver a piece of real-world change work in a different organisation or team to the one in which you are normally based.

Post-Graduate Diploma


Module 3
Practice in Group and Teams Dynamics. This module will teach you how to understand groups and teams through different lenses, equipping you with the knowledge to make sense of what is going on in a useful way.

Module 4
Imagining and Creating the Future of Organisations. This module has a practical as well as an imaginative aspect. Working with your cohort, you will have to build an organisation that aims to meet everyone’s needs, whilst considering the nature of organising in a fast moving and dynamic global landscape.

Research Dissertation


The overall aim of this module is to equip you with the research skills and analytical approaches required to deliver a dissertation that explores a people and organisation topic that is important to you.

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