Carol Daniels

Associate Consultant


Carol specialises in helping senior managers to lead organisational change through developing effective behaviours and relationships. She is highly experienced in 1:1 and team coaching and the facilitation of senior management groups at critical decision points

Carol is a Leadership Development coach with a successful track record gained over 20 years in both the private and public sectors.

Carol was awarded a PhD for her research into the development of intimate and trusting relationships in organisations for personal and professional development. Her MSc in Change Agents Skills and Strategies was an innovative experiential programme for consultants, coaches and facilitators.

Carol’s recent projects include the introduction of a Gender Sensitive Management programme to the Metropolitan Police Service providing insight and support to E&D trainers engaged in facilitating cultural change, and coaching and co-facilitating a leadership development with three SMTs in Legal Counsel, IT, and Finance for a government department during a time of far-reaching organisational change.

Carol is currently the Leadership Development coach for the senior management team of a utilities group during a time of significant cultural change. This is a twelve-month project working closely with HR, OD and LEAN professionals through TUPE, restructure and redundancy and the introduction of new processes. She is also currently team and individual coach for two SMTs of a bank in Luxembourg during a time of significant change in systems and processes. The focus is on culture change through more effective team working, consistent top-down communication and through sponsoring bottom-up initiatives for an engaged workforce.

Carol is married to Nicholas, with 2 children James and Kitty.